I’m Gracie, a storyteller, advocate for dark chocolate, and a visual designer who wants to help share your stories and dreams with the world.


I hit the peak of my education in kindergarten when I decided I would learn to read before anyone else in my class — especially my nemesis Joshua, darn that boy, he was so arrogant for a five-year-old. But, somewhere in the midst of it all, I fell in love with stories.


I wanted to write them, create them, and everything in between. It’s always been something short of a miracle to read a story and have it come alive, feeling so very real in your mind.


And so here I am, a graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Communication Design. I still find stories something short of a miracle and believe brand stories and publications deserve to give others the same feeling.


I would be honored if you chose to hire me to help tell your stories to the world.