Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

— Paul Ryan


Everyone has dreams, but no one can do it alone. Within this book are nine writers who dream of being published authors. 


Some are a long way from success, others are almost there, and a few have made it. But, they are all are connected through a community called My Book Therapy—and they couldn’t write their books without each other. 

Lisa Jordan says, “It takes a villiage to raise a writer,” and she couldn’t have said anything more true. 

Our ideas can be rejected. Our dreams can feel lonely. But, when we are are surrounded by a group of people who support us, our dreams can turn into a sparkling reality no one can take their eyes off of. 

These oral histories highlight writers in different seasons of their writing journey as they reflect on the past and how the writing community has changed their lives.